Connect. Inform. Sell.

Sure, the business world has gone digital — but quality marketing collateral is still a necessity for any credible, thriving company. Even if you’re not delivering print pieces via snail mail (which many businesses are still doing, with successful results, by the way), you need a professional package of sales materials to inform and engage your customers — and compel them to action.

As a well-rounded Cincinnati business writer, Melissa and her team provide marketing content for brochures, newsletters, and flyers for both print and online media.

Work with a Cincinnati brochure writer to:

  • Advertise a product or service
  • Present a company profile or business bio
  • Provide step-by-step instructions
  • Drive traffic to a website or brick-and-mortar store
  • Create a sense of community and camaraderie among customers
  • Showcase photos and graphics along with text

Hire a Cincinnati newsletter writer to:

  • Introduce a new business, product, or service
  • Keep customers updated on industry news and trends
  • Solicit feedback, reviews, and suggestions to help you improve your offerings
  • Encourage readers to visit your website and interact with other customers

As a Cincinnati copywriter, Melissa and her team have written dozens of brochures and newsletters for clients across a wide range of markets.

Let’s say what needs to be said!

First, take a look at some of the newsletters and brochures the WBM team has written. If you like what you see, contact us for a quote.