Everyone loves a good (success) story.

There’s no sales tool more effective than the story of someone whose business, prosperity, or quality of life has been improved by your product or service. If you’ve received a glowing testimonial from a previous or current customer, you’ve got an opportunity to develop a fantastic case study…with a little help from your friends at WBM.

Our Cincinnati copywriters craft case studies that:

  • Introduce the person or company, and make the reader care about them
  • Define an obstacle or challenge
  • Narrate the process the company took to overcome that challenge, including the failed solutions and the lessons learned from them
  • Introduce the solution that DID work, highlighting its features and benefits
  • Discuss the path to implementation of the solution, maintaining a positive tone while candidly addressing any bumps along the way
  • Showcasing the results of the new product or service

What makes us a great choice for freelance case study writers?

As a full-time Cincinnati copywriter, Melissa has written dozens of professional case studies for a range of industries. Her case study clients have included Microsoft, SocialHP, Informatix, and more.

Our team is adept at translating statistics and transcripts into engaging, compelling stories that are enjoyable to read — and, most importantly, boost the confidence of potential customers.

Make a smart investment in top-quality Cincinnati copywriting.

Whether you sell software, interior design, or chiropractic care, your product or service has made a positive impact on people’s lives. It’s up to you (and your Cincinnati copywriter) to create the stories that will resonate with future customers.

First, take a look at some of the case studies we’ve written. If you like what you see, contact WBM for a quote.

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