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Success Story: North Capital

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Screenshot 2015-03-19 16.47.56North Capitalnorthcapital, founded in 2008, is a fee-only investment advisory firm. The company provides a wide range of services, including financial planning, guidance, and discretionary investment management. Their clients include individuals, families, and institutional investors. In addition, the firm is currently launching a crowdfunding platform for smaller investors, made possible by the JOBS Act.

As a financial firm, North Capital operates in a complex industry. This means the company must provide clear, concise copy that communicates what they do, how they work, and how they can help clients—all in a matter that is compliant with the various laws and regulations of the financial sector.

An ongoing challenge

As the financial industry is undergoing significant change, North Capital is dedicated to providing proactive education to clients, while promoting the firm’s perspective. High quality content is a crucial aspect of this mission, but the company was unable to produce enough content in-house to meet their needs.

In seeking a copywriting service, North Capital required a solution that would distill complex industry practices and issues into accessible, digestible content for non-finance professionals. Their criteria included strong writing skills, industry familiarity, responsiveness, timeliness, and a willingness to collaborate.

Writing that speaks for itself

To search for a copywriting solution, North Capital used Elance, an online platform that allows them to “test drive” service providers. The firm considered a number of different freelance writing firms and individuals, comparing portfolios and work samples to find the best solution.

After reviewing all of the potential freelance writing service providers, North Capital contacted Words By Melissa to fill their copywriting needs.

Delivering a measurable ROI

A Cincinnati copywriting firm, Words By Melissa consistently provides high quality content for North Capital. The company was able to improve both the volume and value of thought leadership pieces and other educational content, and is very pleased with WBM’s ability to continually meet their needs in a timely manner. “One of the articles that Melissa collaborated on has become a core marketing piece for our firm,” North Capital said.

Melissa and her team save both time and money for North Capital by providing first-rate content on demand, which subsequently frees up top management to focus on their core business.

Success Story: Informatix

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

informatixlogoInformatix is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Australia, with expertise in multiple core areas and clients around the world. The agency specializes in providing clients with advanced, customized technology and automation solutions, and helping them gain a competitive edge in a crowded digital landscape.

With services ranging from market research and email marketing, to website design and SEO, to comprehensive online systems, Informatix understands that content is still king. As the agency’s copywriting needs grew along with the company, they sought an external solution to provide the same results-driven level of service they offer their own customers.

Knowing the material

Informatix had a copywriting solution in place, but it was too inflexible and generic for the company’s evolving needs. They sought a copywriter who could handle a more personalized and informative writing style across all of their target markets, in a way that would educate and inform clients and prospects about who they are and what they do.

The agency’s criteria for a copywriting solution included prompt and timely turnarounds, the ability to follow marketing briefs, and the skills and knowledge to write informed copy across multiple industry sectors. Quality and affordability were also crucial considerations for a new external copywriter.

Delivering results

After testing several copywriting firms, Informatix decided to work exclusively with our Cincinnati copywriting firm for their copywriting needs. We provide concise, on-message, quality marketing material, delivered promptly and on tap, which helps Informatix generate interests from prospects and close more sales.

By using our copywriting services, Informatix says, “Open rates have improved, feedback from our database has been positive. They like reading our stuff.” Words By Melissa has helped this agency dramatically improve their SEO ranking with organic search engine results—and ultimately saved the company time and money.

As experienced marketing copywriters, we’re thrilled to help Informatix achieve stronger SEO, higher open rates, and improved visibility and sales.


Success Story: RTV

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

rtvlogoEstablished in 1999, RTV is a leading provider of virtual tour technology and maintains the largest full-service virtual tour and property marketing network in the world. In addition to providing premium self-service virtual tour software, the company maintains an extensive network of virtual tour providers—entrepreneurs who operate their own virtual tour companies using RTV’s software and extensive resources.

In order to keep in touch with their vast network of customers and providers, and to expand their customer base, RTV needed to produce more high-quality content, in a short amount of time. They were also redesigning their primary business website and looking for fresh, new content that reflected the quality of their service offerings.

Searching for a great copywriter

As RTV’s focus shifted toward managing their growing network and developing new products, the company sought a reliable copywriting service that could produce great content quickly, and match the voice they’d established. Their criteria included unique, affordable content with a dependable turnaround.

After trying out a few different services, RTV contacted Words By Melissa and received an instant reply. The company was thrilled with the speed and quality of our Cincinnati copywriting team. They were particularly impressed with the voice match of the content, which reflected the tone and style of their existing material.

Reliable copywriting that saves time

Words By Melissa provided RTV with a comprehensive refresh for their website content, and provided new copy for their corporate email templates. The company also enlisted our Cincinnati copywriters to write weekly blog posts in order to keep their website optimized with fresh content. As the owner stated, “The work speaks for itself…it saves time, and time is money!”

The team at Words By Melissa is pleased to help RTV keep their business website fresh, engaging, and unique, with quality content that helps their customers and providers succeed with virtual tours.

Success Story: World Web Content Writers

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

world_web_content_writers_-_seo_web_writing_services_and_search_engine_optimization_positioning_experts_-_logoWorld Web Content Writers specializes in producing high-quality web content, and also provides WordPress installation services. As the importance of content continued to dominate Internet marketing for all types of businesses, the demand for this small company’s services grew—and they had a need for more freelance writers who could maintain the professionalism and quality their growing business and reputation required.

The hunt for quality, value, and specialized skills

While professional and prompt content were essential qualities, World Web Content Writers also needed a copywriting solution that could handle high-quality content production for technical subjects, one of the fastest-growing demands from their clients.

The company placed freelance job ads seeking qualified talent and reviewed the applications that flooded in. “We considered and rejected many writers,” the company said. “We work only with the best!”

Words By Melissa: A letter-perfect match

Ultimately, World Web Content Writers chose to work with our Cincinnati freelance copywriting business to meet their content production needs. Their criteria included top-notch quality, professionalism, and attractive value—and WBM delivers on all counts.

The company stated that since partnering with us, they’ve saved both time and money on their freelance writing projects. “Our business revolves around writing, so [WBM’s] service is critical,” the company said. Words By Melissa consistently delivers prompt, polished content that meets or exceeds expectations, even for niche markets such as technical writing.

In addition, World Web Content Writers has realized increased search engine rankings and traffic through our SEO web content writing services.

Success Story: Local Surge Media

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Local Surge Media, an online marketing agency based in Austin, Texas, provides a range of Internet marketing services that includes SEO, pay-per-click advertising, website design, lead generation, and customer outreach. While the company employs full-time writers, they often found themselves with a high volume of copywriting needs that their staff was unable to handle.

Aligning with the company’s needs

Local Surge Media needed a copywriting resource to provide reliable results on short notice when they had overflow situations. They set out to look for a skilled professional who could produce top-quality copy with a fast turnaround, and maintain their rigorous standards.

“Anytime we send work out to other contractors, we risk our reputation as a firm, so it’s important that the standard of work and professionalism is the same as what we have internally,” says the founder.

Finding a permanent copywriting partner

In searching for a freelance copywriting solution, Local Surge Media engaged in a process of trial and error. The company ended up rejecting several copywriting firms due to negative experiences—specifically, a lack of quality and failure to meet promised deadlines. With their client reputation on the line, they couldn’t afford excuses.

When the company contacted Words By Melissa through Elance, their expectations were exceeded and a long-term partnership was formed.

Saving time and preserving the company image

Our Cincinnati copywriting firm provides Local Surge Media with promptly written, high quality copy on short notice whenever they experience workload overflow. The company has saved a lot of time with a reliable copywriting solution that delivers work on-demand, with no excuses.

As the company states, “Your ability to learn and adapt to our expectations, as well as our clients, makes the process much easier than dealing with new firms every six months.”

Words By Melissa is pleased to help Local Surge Media maintain their industry-leading reputation by providing exceptional web content, blog posts, company bios, case studies, and other marketing content.

Success Story: Farmhouse Five

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Cowgirl_Boots_WSFarmhouse Five offers charming and affordable kids’ wall art, home accents, and nursery decor with original artwork. The owner, Therese, had been writing product descriptions and web copy since launching her home-based company 13 years ago, but she wanted more time to focus on her passions: drawing and painting.

Looking for a copywriter who could provide fun, unique descriptions of her custom products, Therese turned to Google and quickly found our Cincinnati copywriting service.

Whimsical copywriting to match adorable products

Therese was impressed by our copywriting samples, and contacted Melissa right away to hire her for web copy and product descriptions. She explained that she was looking for something descriptive and unique, with a fun flair, to help her website exude the same personality as her products for kids.

Therese was thrilled with the results. “Melissa is great at wording and putting together paragraphs that flow well,” she said. “She is also great with alliteration. . .my favorite [at] Farmhouse Five!”

Storytelling that sells

After redesigning with the new copy and a fresh layout, Farmhouse Five has a website that “finally flows with wording and photos.” The improved web content from Words By Melissa noticeably improved SEO and increased site traffic.

Farmhouse Five’s owner says that our copywriting service saves her valuable time. “[It’s] so nice not to think about this aspect of the website,” she said.

Success Story: Point Click Productions

Friday, November 7th, 2014


Copywriting Solutions to Streamline Work Flow

As a full-service web design and search marketing agency, Point Click Productions provides clients with custom solutions for e-commerce and online marketing. As part of their comprehensive design service, they position copy on the websites they design—but obtaining that copy was proving to be a challenge.

Many clients were intimidated by the idea of writing their own copy for the marketing materials provided by Point Click, including websites, brochures, and email campaigns. Others were significantly delayed in providing web copy, which resulted in project setbacks and pushed-back launches.

Words By Melissa delivered a copywriting solution that allowed Point Click to expand their client services, reduce project delays, and save a lot of valuable time.

The Hunt for a Reliable Copywriter

In attempting to provide copywriting services for clients’ projects, Point Click worked with a number of copywriters over the years. The company used various services to find freelance writers, including Textbroker, LinkedIn, Elance, WriterAccess, and other “boutique” services.

But there were continual problems with the writers: poor quality work with obvious spelling and grammar errors, missed deadlines, and even failure to complete assignments.

Our Work With Point Click

Point Click’s hiring process has always involved taking copywriters for a “test drive.” The company hired Words By Melissa years ago for a small project and was very impressed with the work, particularly the quality and the fast turnaround time. Though they worked with other, cheaper writers, they always returned to us.

With our copywriting services, Point Click is able to obtain copy for their web design and marketing projects with better quality than the clients themselves are able to provide—always on time and within budget. In fact, Words By Melissa is now listed on the Point Click About Us page as an official member of the team.

Words By Melissa is thrilled to help Point Click Productions streamline their workflow process, provide improved services for their clients, and save time on project after project.

What Do Babies and Investments Have in Common?

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I recently collaborated with Jim Dowd from North Capital on an article about keeping financial portfolios healthy through regular monitoring. To illustrate the concepts in plain, accessible language, we used the metaphor of a well-baby checkup.

This was a fun take on an important topic for investors. Metaphors can be powerful tools for copywriting—they let you match complicated concepts to terms that are easy to understand, and get the important concepts across to target audiences in a relatable way.

The finished piece is currently featured on You can read the full article here, and see for yourself why investments are like babies!

Up in Lights

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Life as a freelance writer is crazy at times: working at the dinner table, burning the midnight oil, cranking out a project while nursing a six-month-old. But every once in awhile, something pretty cool happens that makes it all worthwhile.

For me, it was getting interviewed by a reporter for U.S. News & World Report last week — he was doing an article on successful women entrepreneurs and asked if Iíd like to be featured as a web freelance writer. After about half a second of deliberation, my uber-professional answer was “Heck, yes!”

Take a look at the article.

Calling all Chic Moms

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

One of the most rewarding aspects of freelance writing is having the opportunity to become an impromptu expert on all sorts of different topics, from diamonds to gardening to dieting. Equally fun, though, is landing a job writing about something thatís very relevant to my own life, something that feels like second nature from the word “go” — as was the case with Embellished Mom.

With three young daughters, I’m painfully aware of how youngsters can gobble up every scrap of a new mother’s energy, making it all too easy to ìlet yourself go — especially for stay-at-home or work-at-home moms. Before you know it, hip-hugger jeans have given way to sweatpants, you wear spit-up like an accessory, and you’ve half-convinced yourself that makeup is only necessary for special occasions.

Mike Cho, founder of Embellished Mom, launched his online mommy’s boutique under the premise that you don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to qualify as a hot mom. His web store offers some of the hottest designer styles in baby slings, nursing cover-ups, car seat covers, diaper bags, maternity apparel, and more. His assortment is a delightful mix of pretty and practical, fun and functional, driven by requests from busy moms who want to retain their sense of style amidst a flurry of dirty diapers and non-stop nursing sessions.

For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of writing blog articles and web content for Embellished Mom. I don’t profess to be a fashion diva, but I’m a firm believer that new moms need to take the time to pamper themselves, and Mike’s site makes it easy — and surprisingly economical — to do so.