Creating Content for Your Business Blog

You already know you need a blog to succeed in today’s competitive market…but what now? As a business owner ready to embrace the online marketing tools of the 21st century, one of your biggest challenges is figuring out exactly what to say on your professional blog. If you’re stumped, there are some great blogging experts who can offer advice and assistance. On the other hand, you may want to go it alone. Read on for some essential tips and tricks to creating a business-friendly blog.

What’s the Purpose of a Blog?

There are many right ways to use a business blog – but these don’t include posting chatty monologues, an excess of personal opinions, and diary-esque posts. A good business blog is usually a blend of industry facts, information about products and services, and interesting tidbits that answer common questions and entertain.

Does that sound like a lot for one blog to accomplish? For some corporate bloggers, it’s just the beginning. For others, even the thought of writing a weekly post is enough to induce a headache. If you don’t enjoy writing or are having trouble coming up with ideas for your professional blog, a freelance writer with blogging experience can help you create fine-tuned, targeted content to attract loyal readers and reinforce your skills and expertise.

The Ps & Qs of Business Blogging

What kinds of posts should you use to populate your blog?

  • Industry information: To some people, this might look like you’re giving advice away for free, but you’ll be amazed at how many new clients you can gain by giving away some of your “insider secrets” on the web.
  • Your mission: It shouldn’t be the only topic, but it’s important to remind readers of the tenets of your company, your brand, and your offerings.
  • Relevant trivia: Everyone loves to soak up interesting factoids, especially if they’re presented in an engaging way. Unsure of your ability to entertain? This is a perfect example of the kind of blogging that can be outsourced to an experienced freelance writer.
  • Q&A: Do you often receive the same questions from current or prospective clients? Answer them preemptively and professionally on your blog. Your clients will appreciate the easy access to information, and you’ll save on customer service costs.

Creating content for your business blog can be fun, interesting, and ultimately very rewarding if you take the time to write timely, relevant posts your customers want to read.

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