This freelance article contains creative decor ideas for teachers.

Creative Classroom Decor

Sure, it’s a place for learning, but that doesn’t mean the classroom can’t be fun. While there are certain school-ordained fixtures and standards that can’t be altered, like the desks and the color of the wall paint, there are plenty of creative ways to jazz up the space and make it more appealing to students. Rather than distracting kids from their studies, an imaginatively decorated classroom can actually serve to stimulate their cognitive abilities and generate energy and enthusiasm for the material being presented.

Below, we’ve assembled some unique ideas for turning a hum-drum classroom into an inspired space students will be excited to visit each day. Whenever possible, try to enlist the kids’ participation in the decorating process—this will help them to feel more invested in their classroom and take pride in the end result.

Bring the outdoors in. Nothing lends life and energy to a room like healthy, thriving plants. Purchase some greenery and some colorful containers, then have an outdoor “potting party” and let students assist with the process. Be sure to place the plants in strategic places throughout the classroom to ensure they receive optimal sunlight. Create a revolving schedule that assigns each child daily watering duties. As the class monitors the progress of the plants, take the opportunity to pass along lessons about vegetative growth, photosynthesis, and other related topics.

Propagate patriotism. Just because school’s not in session for the Fourth of July doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your classroom with the nation’s colors. For History or Government classrooms, hang cut-outs of Uncle Sam, the nation’s Presidents, the Declaration of Independence, and other historical national emblems. American flag cut-outs and red, white, and blue bunting add a patriotic touch to any classroom, regardless of the subject or the time of year.

Add a cozy corner. The regular desks and tables may have to stay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some comfortable alternatives. Scout out rummage sales and secondhand shops for couches and easychairs, add festively patterned slipcovers, and arrange them in a corner of the classroom with a soft rug and some magazine racks. The peaceful nook will encourage students to relax and approach activities and assignments with a sense of calm and open-mindedness.

Deck the walls. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, turn your classroom into a winter wonderland with creative Christmas decorations. Enlist the students’ help creating ornaments, snowflake cut-outs, life-size Santas, and popcorn garland. If it’s in your budget, bring in an artificial Christmas tree and have a decorating party—ask each child to bring in one or two ornaments from home to contribute. Twinkling Christmas lights add a festive finishing touch: in addition to stringing them around the tree, you can also hang them over the dry-erase board and around the door frame.

Fall into learning. Celebrate the colorful foliage of autumn by hanging leaf collages or rubbings created by students. Adorn desks and tables with baskets of miniature pumpkins and gourds in rich seasonal hues. As Halloween approaches, have your class create jack o’ lanterns (either drawings or kid-safe carving kits) to add fall flair to the classroom. End the season with a flourish by hosting a good old-fashioned costume party.

Introduce a class pet. Whether you choose a hamster, guinea pig, or a school of fish, keeping a pet in the classroom and letting students share feeding and cleaning duties teaches teamwork, cooperation, and responsibility, as well as increasing their respect for animals. Create a dedicated space in the classroom for a cage or aquarium, complete with plants, posters, and a library of animal books and magazines.

Store it in style. Why settle for boring binders to store students’ artwork, assignments, and records? Ask students to bring in empty cereal boxes, and then have them decorate theirs with wallpaper, paints, fabrics, and other adornments. Affix each student’s photo to the front of the box for easy identification. You can also have them decorate their assigned cubby holders to add a splash of personality to an otherwise lackluster storage unit.

Create a bunny trail. For Easter, turn your classroom into a springtime haven worthy of Peter Cottontail. Hang up decorative cutouts of Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers, and fill baskets with artificial grasses, plastic eggs, and maybe even the occasional treat. Take a break from the books and set youngsters loose on a classroom Easter egg hunt.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to turn a run-of-the-mill classroom into a fun, inspired space. With a little creativity and some help from your students, you can create an energized, artistic atmosphere that promotes hands-on learning and interaction.

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