Why You Don’t Necessarily Need to Hire an Industry Expert as a Writer

gandhi_writing_1942In an increasingly crowded online environment, content marketing is the most effective (and trendy) way to draw attention to your business. Of course, you want to maintain credibility and deliver rock-solid content through the articles and blog posts you publish to various channels—but you don’t have time to write them yourself. So you should hire experts to provide the content, right?

The truth is, working with experts in your industry is not always the best means of getting great content. You’ll often fare better hiring a well-rounded freelance writer with great research skills, who can become an impromptu expert in your field and deliver accurate, engaging content your audience wants to read.

Writers do it more

The main reason to opt for a skilled freelance writer over an industry expert is the quality of the writing. Experts certainly have in-depth knowledge and a nuanced understanding of what you do in your business—but not all of them can articulate their expertise in writing. Some very smart people are actually terrible writers, simply because they don’t write regularly.

Freelance copywriters, on the other hand, live and breathe writing. They understand the craft, the process of engaging readers, and the strategies that help you increase traffic and boost search engine rankings—such as how to incorporate SEO keywords naturally into the flow of a piece. Readers won’t realize they’re seeing strategically placed keywords, and search engines weight content with natural keyword placement higher than blatant keyword stuffing.

Writers don’t need credit

Often, the “cost” of hiring an expert includes attributing your content to the expert, along with a bio and back links to their personal or business website. While this can give you a slight boost in name power, it doesn’t help to establish you personally as an expert in your field.

When you hire an experienced freelancer, he or she typically works as a ghost writer. You’ll receive high quality, well-written content, and you become the owner of that content. You can add your own name, bio, and website link, and benefit from increased visibility, recognition, and traffic.

Writers are fast learners

Experts might know every last detail about an industry or subject, and they can be excellent resources if they’re willing to share that knowledge. However, if an expert doesn’t already know how to write, you can’t teach them.

Writing is a unique skill in that the underlying craft can be applied to virtually any subject matter. Regardless of topic, the same techniques can be used to achieve great results. Strong writers can research your industry or topic and get a handle on the subject matter, so they can produce credible, relevant web content or blog articles.

Do you have experience working with experts or freelance writers for content marketing? Share them in the comments!

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