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DCEB Success 2011 video shooting backstage. Eva Byrne. head shots

If you’re like most of today’s small businesses, you’re pretty involved in online marketing. How would you rate your efforts in the highly competitive digital world? When your online marketing attempts just aren’t going anywhere, but you’re doing everything “right,” it may be time to look in the mirror—and make sure that’s not where you’ve taken your business photo.

Today’s online environment is highly visual, and you need a professional, good-looking headshot to make a memorable impact. Here are a few good reasons to pay attention to your photo:

  • In the absence of personal interaction, people connect with images before text. Your professional headshot is the key to gaining the trust of prospects and customers online.
  • Using a consistent, attractive photo of yourself will strengthen your brand and help you achieve higher recognition and visibility across all channels.
  • Content with images—including headshots—gets 94 percent more views than content without images.
  • An unprofessional photo that’s clearly a selfie or otherwise homemade can actually turn customers off your brand, because it looks like either you don’t have the budget for pro images, or you simply don’t care about professionalism.
  • You need a professional headshot to claim authorship on Google+, which can give you a huge boost in search engine rankings.

So if you’re struggling to make a splash online, get a professional headshot and make sure it appears on everything from your website to your social media profiles—anything that’s online and associated with your business brand. It’s a worthwhile, one-time investment that will ultimately be worth a thousand words.

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