Do you have a price list?

Not exactly. While we do have minimum amounts for certain services and word counts, we prefer to quote on a per-project basis. Each client has his or her specific needs and expectations, and projects vary widely in density and scope. When quoting a project, some of the factors we consider include:

  • The nature of the content
  • The desired length and/or word count
  • The amount of research required
  • The estimated amount of time the project will take to complete

Although we compete more by the quality of work than by price, we do offer fair and competitive rates. If you have a project in mind, send us the details and we'll happily provide a quote.

Where are you located? Do you work remotely?

Melissa lives in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was raised on Skyline chili and schizophrenic Midwestern climates. One of the many perks of her job is the ability to provide content services for anyone, anywhere. WBM's clients are all over the map, from Melissa's own street to remote parts of the world. Her small team of junior writers, editors, and data support folks are also located all across the country. No matter where you live or what time zone you're in, we can provide you with timely and relevant content.

Do you have a "day job"?

Nope. Melissa is 100% committed to her Cincinnati copywriting business — it's truly her passion. She believes that superior content requires a strong, specialized focus that part-time moonlighting can't achieve. When you work with WBM, your content will receive Melissa's and her team's immediate and full attention.

Do you require payment up-front?

For new clients, WBM requests a 50% deposit upon confirmation of the project, another 25% upon delivery of the agreed-upon first installment, and the final 25% upon completion of the project.

How do I pay you?

WBM accepts payment via PayPal or mailed check. You may also submit payment directly through our website at this link:

I need a project turned around ASAP — can you help?

Yes! Although advance notice is always nice, plenty of clients come to us with a due date of "yesterday." Leveraging the help of her junior writers and editors, Melissa will make sure you get the content you need, right when you need it.

Do you conduct research in addition to providing content?

Absolutely — one can't exist without the other. Before getting started on a project, Melissa and her writers do everything possible to become an authority on the topic at hand. From bowling to Mardi Gras to marketing, we immerse ourselves completely in the subject matter to ensure that you receive thorough, accurate content.