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Your personal best. As a runner, it’s what you strive for every time you lace up and head out, whether it’s for a five-mile training route or a 10K race. Once you’ve made the commitment to a regular running program, maintaining a detailed training log and charting your everyday triumphs is a great way to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

At GoWagon.com, we celebrate the everyday athlete by providing a custom portal where runners can:

  • Register online for races of all lengths across the nation
  • Track individual official race results on a single page
  • Join an interactive community to share stories, goals, and tips with other runners

And for race directors, we offer easy online registration, publicizing your event to hundreds of local runners.

About Us Page

Fueled by a passion for all things running-related, GoWagon.com is the brainchild of avid runners Rich Scott and Ryan Reboul. After competing together in hundreds of races throughout the nation, we’ve learned a great deal about what motivates our fellow competitors. For some racers, it may be something as simple as the free T-shirt, the post- race party, or the desire to drop five pounds by the weekend. Others may have more significant reasons for competing, such as raising money for a favorite charity, pursuing a fitness goal, or overcoming a personal obstacle. Only one thing is certain: every runner is driven by their own personal motivations.

Running is, by definition, a solitary sport—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enriched by the collective support of a like-minded community. After X collective years of running, we recognized the need for a custom training tool and results portal for everyday athletes.

We founded GoWagon.com as a vehicle for runners like you to:

  • Create a customizable portal to monitor your goals, daily workouts, and races
  • Register online for local races of all distances and levels
  • Monitor your individual race results, without sifting through mounds of irrelevant data
  • Share personal stories of training and triumph

Don’t you deserve a little recognition for all your hard work? Our door is open to runners of all levels, ages, and abilities. Come plot your goals, view the fruits of your labors, and create your very own Pace Page to share your unique running stories with our friendly community.

And we don’t serve only participants—GoWagon.com also caters to the committed, hard- working race directors who make it possible for runners to indulge in their love for the sport. We know the complexities that come along with planning a race, so we’ve designed a streamlined event registration process that allows directors to more efficiently and cost- effectively post their races to a wide audience of participants.

Oh, and what’s with the name? Lifelong residents of New Orleans, our families unfortunately bore the brunt of Hurricane Katrina’s wrath. After the water finally receded, Rich and his wife Shannon loaded their few remaining possessions into their son’s little red wagon. That wagon came to symbolize the limitless possibilities for creating a brand-new life. Shortly after the hurricane, we decided to launch a business that was driven by our true passions and fueled by the hope we loaded into the wagon that day.

Whether you’re a “newbie” seeking inspiration to complete your first 5K or you’re a seasoned marathoner with valuable advice to share, we can help you find your perfect stride. Our success depends on your satisfaction. Drop us a line if you have a comment or suggestion for how our site can help you achieve your running or racing goals.

Race Directors Page

After running in hundreds of races across the country, we’ve become familiar with the countless details that come with planning a competitive event. To help busy race organizers reach more participants with less investment of time and cost, we’ve designed a streamlined event registration process. Among the benefits you’ll enjoy by posting your event at GoWagon.com:

  • FREE online registration of your race
  • Drastically reduced amounts of paperwork and volunteer hours
  • Lower marketing and printing costs
  • Contact with hundreds of potential registrants in your area

By allowing racers to register for your race at GoWagon.com, you’ll save significant amounts of time and money, allowing you to focus on executing the details of the event.

How are we different?

While most sites foster a relationship either with the race director or the runner, we cater to both. By offering athletes the training tools and motivators they need to succeed, we attract a larger community of runners, which translates into more participants for you. For each racer that registers for your event through our website, we provide them with their own individual results page, so they won’t have to sift through other runners’ times to find their own.

Athletes Page

Why do you run? There are plenty of valid reasons: to lose weight, to maintain your current fitness level, to release pent-up stress, or to achieve a state of well-being. But once you enter that first race, the motivations change. There’s something about competing alongside hundreds of other runners that pushes you to run harder, faster, better.

We know the feeling—and we know the difference a little motivation can make. We created GoWagon.com as a comprehensive resource for runners of all ages and stages, to help you plot your goals, monitor your workouts, and view your own custom race results.

What makes us different?

There are dozens of running-related websites out there, but most of them focus on a specific race or force you to sift through a bunch of irrelevant information that doesn’t pertain to you. At GoWagon.com, we allow you to create a custom portal to store all of your personal information, including your individual race results.

Don’t let another race pass you by. Celebrate your inner athlete with the inspiration and motivation you need to succeed. Click here to set up your online account and become a member of the web’s fastest-growing running community. It’s free and easy to join, and the benefits will endure for the long haul.

Run your own race—and be sure to tell us all about it.

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