Get More Done with This Super-Flexible To-Do App

Whether you’re a freelance writer, a small business owner, or a busy CEO, you know that organization is the key to managing your time and boosting productivity—and the majority of successful people use some form of to-do list for time management.

The classic to-do list has gotten a lot of attention in the world of programs and apps. Today, there’s no need to keep a pen and paper handy when you can choose from thousands of electronic forms of this handy tool. One of the best out there is a free program called Remember The Milk.

The advanced to-do list for people on the go

It’s a cutesy name, and it might make you cringe a little, but Remember The Milk is a lot more than a novelty. This program is perfect for keeping track of everything in your personal and professional life, with an ultra-simple interface and more cross-platform compatibility than just about any other to-do app out there.

A few things you can do with Remember The Milk:

  • Add, organize, and prioritize your tasks any time, from anywhere—even offline
  • Choose the type of organization that best suits your style, from lists to tagging to virtual sticky notes
  • Smart task searching uses an intuitive, advanced search engine to find what you’re looking for, even if you don’t remember what you named the task or when you scheduled it
  • Set up reminders that can be sent via SMS, email, instant messaging, or any combination, so you’ll never miss a task
  • Share, send, and publish tasks with your contacts—the app can be integrated with your email for easy sharing

Supported platforms

Remember The Milk is available in app form for both iOS and Android platforms (the iOS app supports adding tasks with Siri). It also integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar. You can install the app on every device you own, and sync it so your tasks are always available.

This program is especially ideal for small business owners, many of whom use Gmail or Outlook for their primary email. Learn more about Remember The Milk here.

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