“What do you write about, anyway?”

We hear that question at least a few times a week from friends and family. And we figured: if they’re so interested, you might be, too. So we made a list. Read it and weep. (And then email us if you see what you need… or even if you don’t. Because this list is not set in stone, or even on paper.)

Running a freelance writing business here in Cincinnati, Ohio, Melissa and her team write about different topics every day. Here are just a few of the industries for which we write web content, articles, product descriptions, case studies, emails and landing pages, sales letters, newsletters and brochures, press releases, and other things that require the right words, strung together the right way.

Your customers are listening…are you saying the right things? With a quality Cincinnati freelance writer in your corner, you can give them the information and inspiration they need to act. Request a quote and let’s make an impact!