I wrote this web copy for a company called LenderCrime that audits and advises lenders on reducing loan fraud and mortgage exploitation.

Don’t be a Victim of Abusive Lending! Reclaim Your Financial Stability with a Professional Loan Audit

  • Are you struggling to make your mortgage payment each month?
  • Are you in danger of an imminent foreclosure on your property?
  • Are you an attorney working to initiate a loan modification for a client?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need LenderCrime. We’re a full-service loan auditing company committed to reducing fraud and exploitation in the mortgage industry, while promoting the financial stability of homeowners across the country.

Financial analysts estimate that 83% of mortgage loans are performed with violations of State and Federal laws, with predatory mortgages costing consumers a staggering $10 billion each year. Whether these infringements are caused by honest mistakes, lender greed, or a blatant disregard for regulations, they contribute significantly to the turbulence and instability of our economic climate.

Why You Need a Loan Audit

When faced with a mortgage crisis or representing a consumer battling foreclosure, the most important thing you can do is to protect yourself with a professional loan audit. Performed by a team of legal and financial experts, a professional loan audit will examine all of the complex clauses and disclosures contained in the original mortgage loan. You’ll be provided with a detailed report identifying any errors or violations, which can then be used as leverage when contesting foreclosure or initiating a loan modification.

A proper loan audit can help you to:

  • Obtain optimum rates and terms for a modified loan
  • Dispute claims of default or negligence filed by the lender
  • Identify what specific laws were broken by the lender during the filing of the mortgage
  • Potentially reclaim interest paid toward the violating loan
  • Formulate a well-planned, effective defense against foreclosure motions

Why Choose LenderCrime for Loan Audits?

At LenderCrime, we retain a team of qualified law and finance experts with an average of 15 years of industry experience. After performing comprehensive audits of hundreds of loan files, we know a red flag when we see one. In addition to performing a typical Truth in Lending Audit (“TILA”), we also analyze The Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, The Home Ownership Equity Protection Act, The Federal Fair Debt Collection Procedures Act, and dozens of other guidelines and regulations. We work quickly but thoroughly, leaving no clause unexamined.At the conclusion of each audit, we’ll generate a full report and analysis, along with our professional recommendations for how to proceed. Our goal is to arm attorneys and consumers with the facts they need to bolster their case, helping to achieve personal and financial well-being and preserve the dignity of American homeowners.

Cleaning up the Mortgage Lending Industry

Originally designed as a service for attorneys, LenderCrime now offers professional loan audits directly to consumers as well. Our clients may differ, but our commitment is always the same: to provide a solid, effective defense against wrongful foreclosure actions. We know firsthand the financial mayhem that can result from a predatory mortgage, and we’re committed to abolishing the abusive and fraudulent loans that threaten to give all lenders a bad name.

At LenderCrime, our loan audit specialists have an average of 15 years of experience in the mortgage lending and auditing industries. We’re well-versed in the current State and Federal regulations for home loans, title insurance, and funding. After conducting hundreds of in-depth audits, we know what should and shouldn’t be there, and we’re skilled at spotting fraudulent or abusive transactions. For each and every audit, our goal is to gather the details you need to form a solid defense against foreclosure.

Who We Serve

Our comprehensive loan audits are utilized by hundreds of consumers, attorneys, and mortgage lenders in major cities across the country:

  • Homeowners: If you’re struggling to pay your monthly mortgage payment or you’re facing an imminent foreclosure, a loan audit can provide you with the tools you need to avoid financial straits. In addition to nullifying foreclosure actions, the discovery of loan violations could result in a full or partial refund of interest paid toward your loan or a reduction in the amount of your principal.
  • Attorneys: When defending a client against wrongful foreclosure claims, a forensic loan audit can provide you with critical information that’s indispensable to the success of your case. Armed with a list of violations, you’ll be much more likely to compel the lender to agree to a loan modification rather than entering into litigation or foreclosure.
  • Mortgage Firms: With corrupt and careless lenders threatening to give all mortgage firms a bad name, a comprehensive loan audit can help you arm yourself with the information you need to defend your company against wrongful claims. We’ll examine all loans that originated from your firm and identify any potential errors or violations performed without your knowledge.
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