This just in…

Press releases aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies or scientific research studies. Every business has a story to tell — and an audience that’s primed to hear it. So, do you have a great storyteller on staff? Most of my clients don’t…and my team and I are happy to weave it for them.

Don’t just tell your story — sell it.

Whether you sell baby clothes, web hosting, or personal coaching, there’s a newsworthy nugget in there somewhere. Maybe a new product launch, an interesting partnership you’ve just formed, or a website redesign that’s sparked a big increase in visits and profits. A good press release tells your customers and investors: “We’re here! We’re doing exciting stuff! We’re a market force to be reckoned with!”

Why hire a professional press release writer?

The old adage “All PR is good PR” doesn’t apply here. A poorly written press release will do more harm than good, causing your credibility to nosedive.

A press release requires a specialized type and structure of writing. It needs to get straight to the point, contain a strong “hook”, include any important pertinent details, and provide contact info — all while generating enough interest to keep ‘em reading all the way through to the end. A professional press release writer has the skills, experience, and intuition to achieve this.

Hire a trusted Cincinnati copywriter for your press release.

We’ve written PR pieces for virtually all industries. Browse some of the press releases we’ve written. If you like what you see, contact WBM for a quote.