Every product has a story.

It’s true. From plastic owls to outdoor furniture, every tangible item has a story. When your customer hits the product page of your website, you have just a few seconds to hook ‘em, reel ‘em in, and guide them to checkout. Great images are important, but it’s words — when they’re chosen and strung together in just the right way — that create the real connection.

Compelling descriptions make your products shine.

Are you still using the same bland copy you got from a manufacturer? Chances are it’s also being used on dozens of other sites, which could negatively impact your search engine rankings…and may also alienate customers who want to be inspired. Or perhaps you threw up some amateurish descriptions that were cobbled together by a non-writer…or maybe you don’t have any product copy at all.

Whether you sell wine glasses or eyeglasses, whether you need 5 descriptions or 500, we can create the vivid, concise, and benefits-focused copy you need to turn browsers into buyers. Plus, we’ll incorporate the right keywords to boost SEO and attract more qualified traffic to your site.

Why use WBM for your product descriptions?

In a prior life, I was an e-commerce copywriter for Frontgate.com, a seller of luxury furnishings and decor headquartered in Cincinnati. I wrote thousands of descriptions for everything from Oriental rugs to outdoor seating, blending key features and practicalities with a touch of inspiration. While a single product may not change a customer’s life, it can certainly make it easier and more enjoyable…and it’s my and my team’s job to paint that picture for them.

Need 50 descriptions…or 500? You’ve found your Cincinnati freelance writer.

We write ecommerce content for a range of industries. Browse some of the product descriptions we’ve written. If you like what you see, contact WBM for a quote.