We wrote this sales page copy targeting physicians in need of marketing assistance.

Dear X:

If we asked 10 physical therapists to identify their biggest weakness, nine of them would probably pinpoint marketing. They understand the importance of connecting with new clients, but between taking care of existing patients, running everyday operations, and managing a staff, it can seem next to impossible to learn the strategies and find the time to execute them. Overcoming these challenges is essential to achieving solid growth, profitability, and credibility.

Identifying your ideal patients is the easy part. Connecting with them and communicating the value of your services requires a little more legwork.

Fortunately, the burden doesn’t have to rest solely on your shoulders. We’ve created a full-service, direct mail program tailored specifically to physical therapy clinics like yours. After years of working with private practices, we understand their goals and the obstacles they face. Our program is designed to supplement your overall marketing plan, earning you more referrals, more clients, more revenue, and more freedom—without sacrificing your valuable time or stretching your budget too thin.

Physician referrals are the single most lucrative source of new business for your practice. What are you doing to connect with medical professionals in your area?

Many clinicians spend years knocking on doctors’ doors, offering lunches and leaving business cards, but this strategy usually results in nothing more than a loss of billable hours. There’s a better way to boost awareness of your clinic and get respected physicians to send clients your way.

Our program includes a year-long series of letters and informational booklets to be sent to physicians advertising your services. All of the design work has already been done for you—you’ll simply download the materials, customize them to meet your needs, and send them off to your prospects. Along with the materials, you’ll also receive our expert recommendations for crafting effective marketing strategies.

Invest in polished, professional materials that really get results.

Our program has helped dozens of private practice physical therapy clinics achieve:

  • A more professional image
  • Increased market exposure
  • A significant boost in referrals and revenue
  • Positive ROI with just 4-5 new patients

Building a thriving physical therapy clinic has very little to do with luck. The key to increasing your market share and building a solid reputation for your practice is using a proven action plan for boosting referrals. Leverage our marketing expertise to present your practice in the best possible light, and start reaping the rewards of a well-planned, well-designed direct mail campaign.

Want the freedom to focus on your patients and your practice instead of your marketing? Contact our office to learn more.

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