I wrote this sales letter copy for a web design and development firm targeting new clients.

Dear X,

Congratulations on your new venture! As a small business owner here in Huntington Beach, I know how exciting and rewarding it is to pursue your passion…but I’m also familiar with the unique challenges that come with entrepreneurship—like building a brand and raising awareness of your products or services, best accomplished with a professionally designed website.

I’m Tom Smith, and I’m about to let you in on the biggest secret of online marketing: Creating a business website is actually pretty darn simple. Sure, there’s some planning involved, but with the right provider, the whole process can be smooth, painless, and maybe even a little fun.

For the past 10 years, I’ve worked with small businesses, start-ups, and some larger companies to create professional websites that are, above all, EASY. Easy for my clients to maintain. Easy for their customers to use. Easy to analyze and update.

You already know you need a website, but there are a few other important ingredients in the recipe for success: a clean and memorable logo, good SEO, and online ad campaigns, to name a few. You could work with several different vendors, explaining your requirements over and over…or you can let one dedicated professional meet all of your marketing needs.

I’m well-seasoned in all aspects of online design and marketing, including:

  • Web design, development, and hosting
  • Graphic design and print work
  • Branding and identity
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online marketing and advertising

There are plenty of big web design companies out there, with dozens of employees using cookie-cutter templates. When you work with a small, one-man company like mine, you’ll get some pretty amazing benefits. Because you’ll have a single point of contact—me—there’s no risk of your vision getting misinterpreted down the line. And you can count on personal attention, frequent status updates, and complete professionalism. Plus, because I have minimal overhead and no staff, I can offer surprisingly affordable values without sacrificing quality.

When you contact me and mention this letter, you’ll receive this special introductory offer:

FREE domain name, FREE business email & FREE website when you sign up for a $20/month hosting plan!

Outsourcing your web design, development, and branding could be the single most important—and easiest—thing you’ll ever do to grow your small business. To get started, visit www.pointclickproductions.com and shoot me an email.


Tom Smith

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