Ready, set, sell!

Ah, the sales letter… for most companies, it’s an enigma. They’re not sure what it’s supposed to say, how it’s supposed to say it, how long it needs to be, or how it should be delivered. When you hire a good sales copywriter, he or she handles all of those questions, leaving you free to field all those new leads coming your way.

What should a good sales letter do?

  • Focus on the benefits. How will your fantastic product or service enhance your customers’ lives? Will it help them make money, save time, pursue a passion, or become a better parent/spouse/friend/employee? In an effective sales letter, these benefits are front-and-center.
  • Talk about THEM, not YOU. The quickest way to send customers scrambling toward your competitors? Ramble on and on about how great your company is, how experienced you are, and so on. Instead, tell readers WHAT THEY’LL GET if they choose you. How will you make their lives easier, more prosperous, or more enjoyable?
  • Include a call to action – but don’t stop there. Your sales letter should give the prospect a way to contact you, but should also state what YOUR next step will be. For instance: “We’ll follow up next week to schedule a call…” And, more importantly, make good on your promise.

Why choose WBM as your Cincinnati sales letter copywriter?

We’ve crafted hundreds of compelling, polished sales letter for a range of industries. Our sales letters focus on the benefits, clearly outline the selling features, and guide the prospect along the path to purchase — all without the overly “salesy” tactics that can send skeptical customers running the other way.

Partner with a professional Cincinnati copywriting team.

Whether your goal is to sell products online, garner more subscriptions, schedule a one-on-one meeting, or submit a proposal, our quality sales letters can get you there faster.

First, take a look at some of the sales letters we’ve written. If you like what you see, contact WBM for a quote.

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