Just the facts, Jack.

Not all writing is sexy or glamorous — but it all has a job to do, and it all deserves the talent and attention of a professional copywriter. At WBM, we can provide accurate, polished, and concise documentation for your technical product or service.

What makes us qualified technical writers?

Before launching her Cincinnati copywriting business, Melissa spent several years as a full-time technical writer for a local software company. As the sole writer, she was responsible for creating all of the product manuals, online help text, training materials, sell sheets, and other marketing collateral for a large legal software application. As a freelance writer, she and her team have completed many technical writing projects for software developers, design firms, programmers, and other clients.

What types of technical writing do we do?

Well, we’re not programmers (unless you count the DVR), but that works to your advantage — because we don’t WRITE like programmers. We’re not afraid to tackle the dry, technical topics and translate them into clear, easy-to-read instructional text that users of all skill levels can grasp.

As experienced Cincinnati technical writers, we specialize in all of the following:

  • Product manuals
  • Software documentation
  • Online help text
  • Training materials
  • Sell sheets
  • Brochures and newsletters

Do you really need documentation?

You better believe it. Selling a software application or technical product without documentation is like selling a clock without the numerals — your users will be left disoriented and doubtful, scratching their heads and reaching for the phone to call you. Professional technical writing helps build your customers’ trust and credibility in your company, and delivers priceless peace of mind.

Browse some of the technical writing and documentation we’ve completed. If you like what you see, contact WBM for a quote.

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