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Cases aren’t won by luck.

They’re won by careful preparation, solid expertise, and a well-attuned awareness of your audience. At Trial Solutions, we help you achieve all of that with our detailed and insightful trial consulting services. We do more than just pick jurors — we help you understand their thoughts, perceptions, and motivations to ensure that your arguments have the desired impact.

When you enlist our services, we’ll explore every aspect of your case to arm you with the knowledge you need to succeed. In addition to gathering information, we also formulate new approaches and ideas for presenting it. We also perform detailed analysis of community perceptions. The more you understand about the decision- making process used by the jurors, the better prepared you’ll be to craft strategies that resonate with them.

Below are just some of the trial consulting services we offer at Trial Solutions:

Witness Preparation

A well-spoken, well-informed witness can be one of your biggest assets, while a poorly prepared one can be detrimental to your case. At Trial Solutions, we remove the uncertainty of third-party testimonies by giving your witnesses the confidence and knowledge they need to present their statements effectively. Your prepared witnesses will earn more credibility and respect among the judge and jurors, bringing you one step closer to your desired verdict.

Jury Selection

One of the most critical aspects of any case, jury selection is based on the careful, methodical analysis of information gathered during pre-trial research. At Trial Solutions, we help minimize anxiety and uncertainty during the jury selection process by creating a highly detailed juror profile, helping to analyze large amounts of information, and providing our expert recommendations. We’ll be there through every step in the process, from assisting with early research to sitting in on the actual jury selection.

Shadow Juries

Quickly gaining importance in the trial consulting field, shadow juries can help you gain unique insights into the minds of your jurors. For cases that go to court, a shadow jury will be exposed to all evidence, arguments, and testimonies, and you’ll receive daily reports of their perceptions to help shape the course of the trial.

At Trial Solutions, our legal researchers and advisors are trained in the fields of law, psychology, statistics, and social dynamics, offering the experience and expertise you need to achieve your desired results. We’ve counseled attorneys, witnesses, and clients in hundreds of cases across the country. Don’t rely on blind luck — take control over the outcome of your case with careful preparation from Trial Solutions.

Research Trials

In the legal arena, knowledge is power. When your case goes to trial, taking the time to fully prepare is the most important thing you can do to ensure a desirable verdict. By engaging in carefully simulated research trials prior to your court date, you’ll enter the courtroom with an inherent advantage over your opposition.

At Trial Solutions, we provide a full range of affordable, effective research trials and discovery services to help ensure an optimum settlement. We’ve counseled hundreds of attorneys to help them craft compelling, persuasive arguments and to ensure the effective presentation of their witnesses and evidence. Our legal research professionals are highly educated and trained in the fields of law, behavioral psychology, and statistics.

Our mock trials serve as an indispensable preparation tool in helping to forecast perceptions and identify holes that need to be filled. A panel of mock jurors will assemble to hear evidence, arguments, and testimonies, and then you’ll be privy to their deliberations. These simulations will provide you with invaluable information that you can use to shape your courtroom strategies.

At Trial Solutions, we offer several mock trial designs to meet the needs of your case and your budget:

  • Jury view and deliberation analysis: These economical trial simulations present the basic themes of a case to a mock trial jury.
  • Witness and verdict studies: When you need a more in-depth understanding of jurors’ thought processes, these mock trial designs incorporate witness testimonies and predict the chances of a favorable verdict.
  • Strategy analysis: For complex or sensitive cases, this highly detailed replication simulates every aspect of the trial, giving you a comprehensive picture of jurors’ reactions to all arguments and testimonies.

In addition to research trials, we also provide a breadth of other case preparation services:

  • Community research: Through focus groups, surveys, and interviews, we’ll analyze the attitudes and prejudices of the citizens in your community to help you formulate juror profiles and predict their perceptions.
  • Jury selection: In addition to helping you formulate ideal juror profiles, we’ll guide you through the entire selection process, even sitting in on the actual proceedings and offering our expert recommendations.
  • Witness preparation: Arming your witnesses with the preparation they need to present concise, persuasive, and eloquent testimonies is one of the most important things you can do to boost their credibility in the courtroom.

At Trial Solutions, we strive to recreate detailed, true-to-life research trials to help you forecast juror perceptions and predict the chances of a verdict in your favor. Don’t step foot in the courtroom without arming yourself with the knowledge and insights that come from a professionally executed research trial. Contact us to learn more.

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